About Us

City Mission is a registered Non-Profit organisation (NPO 002-911).  Our primary focus is to expose individuals to life altering values and behaviours that affect change in every area of their lives, their families and their communities.  This leads us to be able to begin building a better society for all people irrespective of their race, colour or creed. 

We were founded in 1902 and our purpose is to develop resources and partnerships to work with communities in need for their transformation and empowerment and, to build a better society for all people irrespective of race, colour or creed.  In areas ridden with poverty and degenerating physical conditions, City Mission has worked tirelessly, making significant and lasting impacts in the lives of individuals and communities, and still continues to do so. 

Our vision is to see entire families transformed who work towards becoming change agents in their own communities or their affinity groups.