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Opportunity for life long change

For every field task we seek an intentional outcome. This was beautifully illustrated at Tygerberg Hospital where a young man and his virtually blind father had spent a day and a night without food into the next morning, between state hospitals. In the grip of a drug addiction, Khaya was so impacted by this service…


What’s in her bag?

Hey Friends, PLEASE involve all other ladies you know amongst family, friends and colleagues to either:   1. Sponsor and fill a handbag themselves 2. Help you fill your handbag Ideas to fill your GOOD used / spare handbag. Hand bag size tissue pack Tampons / sanitary towels Deodorant spray / Roll on Body Lotion…


Prison to Purpose

Another prison to purpose story. Mabhuti has been in full time employment for one and a half years.  He is progressing with his life. From being a convicted offender to being the transformed treasure that we see. A huge thank you to Geoff and David from Mechstar Motors for giving Mabhuti this chance to learn…

Great Deal for you!

Wheeelie Bin advert.