Touched by Love

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The urban farms that make up the Philippi Horticultural Area are part of the Cape Flats, and only 20 minutes from the city centre. It is here that 80% of Cape Town’s vegetables are grown and cultivated and then sold to us through the retail giants, fresh produce markets and informal traders.
As we work with the farm labourers and their children through the years, it saddens me that they are largely such a forgotten people. Yet we live off their hard labour and forget them because we don’t see them.

Thanks to Logos Church we had a wonderful time just blessing the hands that serve us through their labour. The ladies’ hands are rough from hard work. Gentle loving touch from partners or others is not their everyday experience. So, what a delight for them and for us to treat, manicure and caress these hard-working women’s hands and just bless them as we talked and prayed with them.


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