Stories of Change: Blondy

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My name is Blondy, I grew up in Guguletu. My childhood was sweet, until I began to surround myself with negative peers, because I so much wanted to fit in. I started partying till early hours of the morning and my behavior changed completely. My parents gave up on me.

The worse part of my life began in 2002 when I started committing crime and getting involved with serious fraud syndicates. I was in and out of prison and ended up with numerous warrants for arrest. In June 2014 I was arrested and convicted for 17 counts of Fraud, corruption and money laundering.

In 2015 I was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. Then I found myself all alone. My friends vanished, and I was drafted to Kroonstad prison, where I had no one to visit or bring me any comforts. One day while I was sitting on my prison bed, I looked back where I came from and I realized that the devil had stolen so much from me and with my permission! That is when I decided that when I get out of prison, I want a new life.

I prayed to GOD for forgiveness of my sins. I came out of prison in May 2018. The vision that I had is to influence and save lives that are still in darkness. I did not know where to start. While I had this mind, I was introduced by a friend to City Mission and began to do volunteer work.

I enjoy helping with the meal provision to the Eye OPD at Tygerberg Hospital. I also go to farm to spend time and play games with the farm laborer children to show them that GOD loves them. The children really enjoy this weekly visit. My vision is to help people who are still going in and out of prison especially women who are living in darkness. What a wonder that If you turn to GOD, HE will not hold your previous life against you.

HE accepts you with your burdens and you will be at a place of peace.  That’s where I am now.


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