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Working towards his dreams

“One day during one of my prison sentences I was in the courtyard, and I saw this man speaking to the guys, I knew he was part of a programme for offenders, and there were two voices in my head,” explains Cameron Jooste. “One said, what is the use? Don’t bother going there. But the…
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I did not have hope that I could change

“I was saying I want to start a new life, that I want to change …” Msindisi Qashani tells of how desperate he was for a life transformation, but also, how difficult that was proving to be after exiting prison when he was 20 years old. His time in prison had not been easy initially.…
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My father’s legacy

One day you are going to be one of the shining stars!

My Second Chance

“I have hope again for a new future…”

Change through a Pandemic

… This is real change”

Face 2 Face - December 2020

News: Dec 2020

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