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1.  Select your design


2.  Add your address

Please note that we cannot be held liable for addresses that are spelt incorrectly.  Should we however make an error on your chosen design or other details, we will be happy to replace your label.

3.  Make your payment

Because your label is customised and cannot not be returned, City Mission requires payment in full with your order.  Payments must be made to Cape Town City Mission.  Please email us your proof of payment along with your order.  Please note that printing nor design work will commence until proof of payment has been emailed to help@citymission.org.za



Bank Account Number: 62406477209

Branch Code:  200510

Branch:  PAROW


Reference:  WB + Your Name

4.  Email us and receive your goods

Once you’ve done this, fill out the form below or email through your order to help@citymission.org.za along with your proof of payment, your address and  selected design.   You can expect your goods within 4-7 working days from date of order and/or receipt of proof of payment and excluding delivery time by post or courier.

Save on courier costs and collect your order at one of the following addresses: (please specify your preference in your email)

Daily at City Mission, 73 Burns Road, Salt River. Telephone:  021 486 7660

Mon or Wed arrange to collect at 69 Plein Street, Fairfield Estate, Parow East, 7500.  Telephone:  0825100240


How to apply your Bin Stickers

Once you receive your new stickers it’s easy to apply.

  • Clean the area where the sticker will be placed.  It must be clean and dry, free from any sticky or fatty residue.
  • Slowly peel the sticker away from the backing paper for about 5cm at the top of the sticker.
  • Carefully align the sticker to the wheelie bin and apply this top section to the wheelie bin.
  • Once the sticker is secure you can ppull the backing paper away from the sticker and rub the sticker onto the bin simultaneously.
  • Any air bubbles can be popped with a pin and rubbed down to remove them from the sticker.
  • The sticker will be ‘washproof’ after about 5-7 days.


These stickers do not have a liquid laminate layer applied.   This laminate layer is only required if the sticker will be used on an item that is going to be washed or will experience rubbing / wear & tear.   Without a laminate layer however, these stickers has a lifespan of 3-5 years.  

If you would prefer this to be applied then the price will increase by 20%