Handing over the reins

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I tried to think of a way to capture my 52-year journey with City Mission in one short paragraph, but I gave up trying. It needs a book.

But believe me, the God stories over these 5 decades have been transformational and dramatic in countless ways. I was tasked with driving Discipleship strategies as a core function of City Mission 10 years ago and I believe that God has firmly placed City Mission as a driver and catalyst in this space, not just in our City but in our nation.

Coaching Disciple makers and disciple making strategies is my lifestyle and my passion. I am thankful that I will be able to continue in this dedicated role within City Mission, without the CEO type functions, as we solidify leadership development from within and take the ministry into the future.






City Mission is excited and thankful to announce this change in leadership.  As of 9th January 2019, I will be handing over the functions of CEO to Mrs. Carmen Daniels.  I am thrilled that we can make this appointment from within. Carmen started her journey with City Mission as a volunteer in 1998 and came on staff in August 2000. She is married to Andre and they have a beautiful daughter Kendra.    

Carmen has served us competently and faithfully for the last 20 years, in various roles, including Senior management and Board levels.  She has also produced our marketing and publication materials for many years.  Carmen is a gifted administrator who understands and fully supports that Disciple Making Movements is at the core of what we do and that the transforming power of Jesus is evidenced through changed lives that impact their communities.

Do stop by in the new year or invite Carmen to chat over coffee and get a sense of her heartbeat.






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