Flashback: 64 years ago

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Not only Winter … but each month City Mission is able to serve more than 2000 meals through our various programmes for those most in need.

With hundreds of people crossing our doorsteps every year for the past 116 years, sadly the need has never ceased or diminished.  It may not be the same faces, but the needs remain the same.   Below is the one such appeal we did 64 years ago.   


The elderly need care, youth need interventions from destructive influences and behaviours, children need clothing and food to be able to learn.  People need care.  Our various interventions is able to bring change and much needed relief to many of clients. 

Across the board, City Mission has never closed it doors on the poor and often marginalised members of our Society.  Much to the credit of people like you, who have continued to open their hearts and give time, resources and funding, so that we are able to meet these needs. 

Now we need your help once again! Whilst the rain is much needed right now, the cold and rainy seasons brings along it’s own challenges for many across the City. 


Please consider them this Winter.  Help us to help them and bring hope to someone in need this winter. 

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