Entrepreneurial Development for Change

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We hosted our second intake of students for our Micro Business Start up Programme in partnership with Chris Black from Hi-Eye-Q Training & Consultancy, that is generously funded by the DG Murray Trust.

One of the most significant challenges for our programme participants is being able to substitute negative sources of income for positive ones. This programme is specifically designed to equip entrepreneurially-inclined unemployed, to start and run their own businesses.

Our main goals is to assist our staff and clients coming from backgrounds of crime, gangsterism and prostitution with skills, resources and the ability to substitute their negative income source with a positive source of income, enough to sustain their personal livelihoods and provide for their families in non-destructive ways.

The first programme was a pilot for around 15 clients and field worker staff.  Participants were taken through a supported and monitored guided programme right from start-up of their business and will be monitored and supported for a period of 1 year.

In addition to this, 4 of our Field worker staff, will continue onto the ‘Train the Trainer’ component of the programme that will allow City Mission licencing to offer this training as part of what we do.

Ultimately this assists us to achieve our mandate to bring about lasting transformation in communities in need and the bring valuable means to margenalised and disenfranchised people.

Thanks Chris for a great 6 weeks of learning. Thank you DG Murray Trust for making this possible. We value you.