Dynamic Business Startup

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And so we ended the first stage of our business startup program for young men and women who need a way out of negative lifestyles and income streams.  In short they learned how to make money with R100 and how to manage money in very practical ways.  

It was with great excitement that we started our micro business start up program in April this year.  We have 21 participants who successfully completed the online aptitude test.  One of our big challenges, is to be able to substitute negative and destructive income streams from crime, drugs or prostitution, with positive income streams. Thanks to Chris from DBSP for coming down from JHB to live and work with us for a full month. We are excited to see how God will use this training to equip our young men and women. Watch this space.  

May God be glorified in and through their lives and the stories to come. Some of our guys have been having a blast of excitement with their buying and selling. 5 of the group have been taught how to follow up and coach the participants for the rest of the year. This has been a very productive month of intense learning and practical exercises. And also to understanding that Gods Word has all the guidelines we need for business success. Goodbye poverty mindset and poverty thinking responses to life situations. Our staff coaches are also trained disciple makers who will walk alongside the other participants the rest of this year. Pray with us and trust God with us.

Thanks to Community Chest for your support of this program and also MDA and private individuals. We will make you proud to be part of our lives and our individual business start up journeys.