Community Aid & Relief

Sourcing and providing food, basic essentials or opportunities to indigent persons.

  1. Tygerberg Hospital Feeding Programme

In 2014 City Mission developed a partnership with the Slick Restaurant Group and Tygerberg Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department to feed approximately 150 patients per day with a sandwich, fruit and beverage.  The Slick Restaurant Group donates corneal transplants that they are importing from the USA for people in need.  This undoubtedly improves visual acuity amongst people of all ages, who would otherwise not have this opportunity.

However, many of these people are from communities in need, living in destitute conditions and are forced to queue and sit for hours waiting to be treated.  Sadly, many people who come for treatment have used their last financial resources to get to the hospital and have not eaten all day. 

With this in mind City Mission supplies a little meal pack of sandwiches, a fruit and juice for approximately 150 patients twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to indigent out-patients at Tygerberg Hospital.

# of beneficiaries per month:1200 men, women & children
Cost of Programme per month: 
Programme needs:   Weekly supply: BreadJamPeanut Butter Polonies MargarineJuice boxes / Concentrate OR Water Fresh fruit (oranges, apples, bananas)

“Good morning, I’m Johanna;  Today I’m here at the eye clinic at Tygerberg hospital and what a lovely surprise when your friendly angels pitch with a lovely meal pack and a icy cool drink much appreciated and grateful for. Thanks for the sponsors and willing hands that prepare it. I’m trusting God for 20/20 vision in both my eyes its already improving.

One recipient of a meal pack at Tygerberg Hospital says;  “I had such a huge surprise when I was sitting at Tygerberg Hospital when someone handed me a meal pack … and I didn’t have to pay for it!!! Wow, that’s all I could say …. It was the first time in days I had something substantial to eat. It was wonderful and I felt soooo blessed.  I do work but my income is not enough and after paying everything, money to buy proper food is not there so we eat something small every second day.”

  • Community Support Programme (Phillip Farming Community)

This programme aims to address the food and basic needs within this informal community.  Through initial engagement with the children, our fieldworkers begin to build relationships and give ongoing support and encouragement to other members of the families. 

This programme takes place on a weekly basis that serves around 15-20 young children under the age of 7 years old.  In addition, we use soccer as a tool to engage the older boys, many of who have left school or no longer attend due to various socio-economic challenges.  Currently there is a group of around 15 young boys.

Through these engagements we offer weekly life skills programmes introducing children to concepts like body care and hygiene, social etiquette etc, biblically based character development as well as basic literacy and numeracy skills through games and interactions as well introducing concepts like etc.  

# of beneficiaries per week:30-40 children & youth
Cost of Programme per month: 
Programme needs:   Meals (Pasta, soups, sandwiches etc)
  • Community Support Programme (Adhoc)

There is often a lack of income or none at all in the homes and families with whom we engage.  Annually we raise support for a Winter food packing event, in partnership with the organisation Rise Against Hunger, where we are able to secure prepared meal packs to serve around 10 000 people.  Through our Christmas grocery hamper distributions, we are able to serve a minimum of 1-200 families during the holiday period.