Sharing our stories of change

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Our guys picked him up at the airport and they clicked immediately. Earlier in April, City Mission welcomed Johnny Pickup.  He is a photojournalist from London UK who has come to chronicle the stories of transformation in this, City Mission’s 116th year. 

It is his first visit to Cape Town but he asked not to live in a hotel but to live in our flat for ex offenders and stay with our amazing young men for the 7 days he is with us.  He was happy to sleep on a couch or on the floor but Sibu insisted to give up is bed.

One evening, Marlon was on supper duty and Johnny was introduced to gatsby’s!  And the stories started.

We were delighted to have you with us Johnny! Carry our stories of dramatic transformation in your heart as you witness the power of God in action.  There was so much to see in his short 7 day stay, but he enjoyed every minute of his time with us!  Until next time, Johnny.